About Heidea

Heidea is willing to become a provider trusted by customers around the world of air purification products and solutions.

Heidea, as a transmitter of intelligent technology and clean air, aim to help reduce virus infection.

——Application Projects——
Indoor & Outdoor Public and Personal Space
Mall Indoor Room

8000198    Mall Entry Scene

8000198    Elevator Scene

8000198    Escalator Scene

8000198    Washing Room Scene

Public Indoor Room

8000198    Airport Entry Scene

8000198    Subway Entry Scene

8000198    Train Station Scene

8000198    Bus Indoor Scene

Hotel & School

8000198   Hotel Scene

8000198    Restaurant Scene

8000198    Schoool Scene

8000198    Pleasure Ground Scene

Household Indoor

8000198    Living Room Scene

8000198    Bedroom Scene

8000198    Office Desk Scene

8000198    Polluted Room Scene

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Contact:Heidi Huang Mobile:+86 134 2232 8882 Email:sales@heidea.com Add:8th Floor, Block 1, Eton House, Zhongcun Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China