1. Ozone sterilization refrigerator deodorizer

2. Anti-Mildew and preservation

3. Degradation of pesticide residue

4. Zero Consumable

5. Long life

Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine

Working Principle

Destroy cell tissues, crack the molecular bonds of harmful bacteria and viruses in fruits and vegetables, so that the free pollutant molecules are combined with ozone to form harmless small molecules.

Core Technologies(Four times purification)

1.Electrolysis Water Purification

2.Ultrasonic High Frequency Purification

3.Water Cycle Cleaning
4.UV Disinfection

Portable Fruit & Vegetable Sterilizer

Working Principle

Fruit and vegetable purifier adopts high energy ion purification technology, and the water is decomposed into OH- and H + under the action of ion generator.

Part of the decomposed OH- removes H+ from the cytoderm of pesticides and bacteria and recombines it into harmless substances.

The other part of OH- combines with chlorine in water to form hypochlorite HCIO, and kill bacteria by oxidative degradation.

Hypochlorite can also release new ecological oxygen 0, which can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms by its oxidation.

RO Water Purifier Dispenser

RO Water Purifier Dispenser

With Warm Water Button For Reconstitute Powerred Milk

With Ice Water Button

Reverse Osmosis Technology

6L Raw Water Tank, 2L Waste Water Tank